Lost coast plant therapy discount code

As a natural product, the synergy of our ingredients is mild on the plant, yet powerful for eliminating soft body insects, mold, mildew and fungus on contact. Contact with Lost Coast Plant Therapy begins the death process in insects. The smaller the insect, the faster it works.

Mildew, mold and fungus is eliminated on contact. For most issues it will take more than one application for our product to be effective. Lost Coast Plant Therapy must have contact with the insect, mold, mildew or fungus for it to work. If you miss anything, your problem will persist. Repeat every day for days, depending on the type of insect or disease. If you do not miss anything, it may take only one application. If you would like to be sure you got everything apply every day until issue is resolved.


Making sure plants are entirely saturated is the most powerful way to use Lost Coast Plant Therapy. Doubling or tripling has not been found to make it work better. Small gardens: Use a half gallon or one gallon Hudson style sprayer for best results.

Close menu. Create Account. Wholesale Application. Add purified water to your application sprayer. Clear the lines of your sprayer. Add 2 tbs. Agitate as needed during use, approximately every 5 minutes. Close cap of concentrate tightly when not in use.

Outdoor: Use early morning before heat of day, or dusk. Indoor: Apply while main lights are off. Allow plants to dry thoroughly before lights go back on. W e highly recommend dipping while they are in cubes and when they have roots showing. To eliminate all mites, thrips and white flies, their eggs and larvae apply every other day for five 5 days in a row.After saturation of entire plant, our spray will adhere to the target insect, egg case or larvae.

It's active ingredients then cause disruption of respiration and digestion. It also penetrates to dehydrate their entire body.

lost coast plant therapy discount code

Insects can never become immune to this product because they can't get immune to suffocation or dehydration. Lost Coast Plant Therapy was designed to suffocate and dehydrate on contact.

That is why it is important to thoroughly saturate your infested plants. If the product does not contact the insect it can't suffocate or dehydrate it. Many insects and diseases are killed on contact with one application.

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Others, take repeat application to eliminate the problem. Lost Coat Plant Therapy has been laboratory tested by CW Analytical among others and found to leave no residue; this means it is safe for your soil, food and ornamental plants, pets and people.

With proper application our product can be used on the day of harvest. Lost Coast Plant Therapy is not registered with the E. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best.

Email Required. Review Subject Required. Comments Required. Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Dries off quickly. Tests clean. Clean ingredients means clean test results. Passes strict lab parts per billion testing. Safe to apply daily and will not interfere with plant development. Safe to apply on day of harvest and as often as required throughout growth.

Safe for food and medicinal plants. On Sale! Add to Cart. Quick view.Healthy plant protection. Effectively eliminate harmful insects and powdery mildew, without polluting the environment. Kill bugs on contact without using poison. Safety Data Sheet. Delivery in business days in California. Delivery in business days nationwide. Healthy, gentle and effective care for your house plants, yard, garden or commercial farming. Will not harm bees, ladybugs and praying mantis.

Lost Coast Plant Therapy~ Product Of Humboldt County

The plant and planet healthy solution you have been looking for! We offer one FREE 2oz sample per customer so you can see for yourself that our product works, only pay for shipping!

Makes 2 gallons of mixture. I absolutely love your product! The smell is so pleasant and it works so well! I use it at home as well as bringing it in to my work, I use it on my clones! They were all looking happy and praying for light this morning with zero signs of stress, plus it has a very therapeutic peppermint smell! Excellent product that works very well against numerous pests and even with severe issues gets the job done when follow directions proper. Grabbed a sample of the 2oz organic concentrate bottle to try out Best product to fight pests that we have ever used to date, when they say "kills on contact" they mean it!

Plus your leaves have a nice peppermint smell after applying. This is stuff is the real deal! The proof that Lost Coast Plant Therapy works is in my plants. Use our store locator to find a store near you! If our product is not available in stores near you, please contact us to suggest one. Just add the name and phone number or website address of the location you would like us to supply to. Protect your valuable crops from damaging pests, mold and mildew with Lost Coast Plant Therapy.

lost coast plant therapy discount code

Eliminates bugs on contact by suffocation and dehydration.We are proud to have earned consistent 5-star ratings from our amazing clients. We offer a great selection with discount prices on:. Don't leave your farm! Full package with lights, tent, fans, etc. Just get out there and grow! Hobbyist, horticultural enthusiast, orchid growers, peppers, aquaponics, greenhouses, indoor grow rooms, your hydroponics garden center serving Gilroy and surrounding communities.

Our Gilroy store is open Mon-Sat, starting at 10am. Salinas is open M-F, starting at 8am. We offer delivery services to commercial farms throughout area codesand We always do our best to help our customers achieve superior results and carry a wide range of products at competitive prices.

Call, email or stop by to see us. Outdoor Gardening. Commercial Farms. Indoor Gardening. More Deals. Advanced Nutrients.

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Bioline Agrosciences. Bluelab Logo. FoxFarm Soil and Fertilizer. Gavita Logo. Grodan Logo. Growers Choice Logo. Growonix Water Filtration Systems. Hawthorne Gardening Company. Plant Therapy logo.Plant Therapy offers an assortment of essential oils and therapeutic blends on its website, planttherapy. The site prides itself on providing convenient access to high-quality products at affordable prices, offering selections that range from single oils to sets with specific properties and formulas.

A staff of aromatherapists is available to answer any questions you may have about products featured on the site. Synergistic blends combine compatible oils into one product for additional benefits. Ideal for on-the-go use, roll-on bottles consist of percent essential oils diluted in fractionated coconut oil. All organic blends are certified as organic by the U. Department of Agriculture.

Kid Safe synergies, roll-ons, and singles are also available. Giving Assistant coupons do more than just provide some much-appreciated savings on your next purchase from Plant Therapy.

Giving never felt so good. FREE shipping is offered to all U. Shipping upgrades are available. Returns are accepted within 90 days of purchase.

The company has a percent money back guarantee that includes a full refund within the specified period. Return labels are sent with all U. Sharing is caring.

lost coast plant therapy discount code

Submit A Coupon for Plant Therapy here. To use a Plant Therapy coupon code, click the shopping cart icon in the top right section of the website. A small pop-up with two buttons, "View Cart" and "Checkout" will appear.

Press either of these buttons. A screen with a summary of your cart contents will load. Underneath the listing of all of the products in your order, look for a blank field that is titled "Coupon Code. Press "Redeem" to apply the discount and update your order total. After the discount has been added to your order, you can continue shopping or proceed with the checkout process. To make your payment and finalize your order, press the orange "Checkout" button to the right of the field where you entered your coupon code.

Visit the Bargain Bin section of the Plant Therapy site to find deals on essential oils and accessories. Although Plant Therapy always aims to keep their products affordable, the low-priced items in the Bargain Bin are some of the site's very best deals. Shopping in this section will allow you to stretch your dollars even farther so that you can build an essential oil collection without breaking the bank.

Quantities of items may be limited, so be sure to check back often to see the current deals. Purity is important, especially when it comes to essential oils.Dealspotr verifies, curates, and shares content and offers for brands we think you'll love. In certain cases, we may receive a commission from brands you find on our website. Learn more.

lost coast plant therapy discount code

Copy this discount code and paste it in during checkout at planttherapy. View details. Offer good through May 5, Offer good through May 3, Plant Therapy launches approximately 1 door-buster discount code per year. Never miss an important Plant Therapy deal by tracking their best new offers in your email using Dealspotr Tracker.

Offer good through May 2, Offer good through April 23, View this deal at amazon. View this deal at planttherapy. View this deal at ebay. Offer expired February 18, Offer expired November 7, Offer expired July 13, Offer expired February 10, Offer expired September 28, Offer expired November 3, Offer expired January 18, Offer expired November 12, Offer expired August 11, Offer expired January 7, Offer expired July 2, Offer expired December 2, Offer expired April 22, Offer expired May 2, Offer expired May 8, Offer expired June 8, Seven simple ingredients of the highest quality make up Lost Coast Plant Therapy.

We only use biodegradable, food grade, and cosmetic grade ingredients. Soy oil is organic, food grade, and non-GMO. Bugs cannot build an immunity to suffocation. Peppermint Essential Oil is organic and food grade. Citric Acid is organic, food grade. This ingredient makes the pH of the plant inhospitable for powdery mildew and eliminates spores on contact due to its anti-fungal properties.

An emulsifier helps all the other ingredients to stay mixed together. It also penetrates the insects body covering and disrupts the cell membrane. Cell contents leak out causing the target pests to dehydrate. Isopropyl alcohol dehydrates insects rapidly and helps evaporate diluted product from plants safely without leaving harmful residue or burning. Preservative, this ingredient also buffers pH to keep it stable; which makes it impossible for powdery mildew and spores to live on the plant.

Water is purified, reverse osmosis. Emulsifier and thinning agent. Close menu. Create Account. Wholesale Application. Previous Next.

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